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Traditional Energy Blends

Some things just don't get old.

And natural energy is one of them!

Great Day Genmaicha is a traditional blend of premium Japanese green tea with roasted and popped rice kernels.


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Flowers for Sleep

Ever wish you could just get to sleep?

Without having to do a ton of research...?

And without starting a new addiction...?


Well we've got a magic flower for your troubles

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Power & focus

Summer Slim 


Skin for the Win 

Sweet dreams

Great Day Tea Great Day blend Rooibos Peppermint Lemongrass Bergamot
Great Day

Balanced, lightly sweet, never bitter, caffeine-free. 

Great Day Blend's earthy and citrus notes with charming whispers of peppermint soothe and improve with every sip.


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One-Of-A-Kind Blends

Years ago in a little tea house in Atlanta, I created a way to set us apart from all the other uninspired tea houses. 

Custom mixes that could only be found at our location. They weren't all amazing. And they didn't all survive...

But Mountain Mover PUSHED on Through.

And it still drives me to this day.

Natural Healing Herbs

Have an itch in your throat?


How about some warm, gingery Lemongrass in your favorite mug?

Smooth out your rough edges and boost your immune system with Great Day Lemongrass. 


Coming Soon!

Only the Best for You!

All Great Day blended and traditional teas are crafted with 100% natural herbs, spices, and Camellia sinensis.

Only FairTrade. And additive-free. 

It's most important that we choose the freshest, most wholesome, and most safe ingredients for all of our creations.

 And we take extra care in sourcing to ensure a beverage experience unmarred by artificial flavors and harmful chemicals

Fresh china tea leaf bush in the rain.

Speak Easy Mint

Check your breath before you wreck yourself!

And soothe that achy belly too :-)

Great Day Peppermint is the best around, always fresh, and ALWAYS SHIPPED FREE.

Try it as a mixer in your own magic tea blend.


Or cold-brewed all by itself.

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Make A Great Day!

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