Shizuoka Bliss

Shizuoka Bliss

Introducing Great Day Shizuoka Bliss!


It's super easy to make, but offers a world of flavor and a range of benefits UNMATCHED by any other beverage in the world (except water 😉).


And it takes Only 2 Minutes.


You'll spend at least 30 seconds of that pouring your spring water over the leaves lol.


And it'll be just about done as soon as you're walking away.


It's caffeinated, but provides a more focused energy with NO jitters.


It's great for burning the midnight oil, or just clearing your head before drifting off to dreamland.


And it may even help you Burn Fat In Your SLEEP 💫


It's got a pleasant light - medium body (doesn't just feel like hot water in your mouth).


And a subtle, but curious dance of umami and rose on the palate. It's floral, vegetal and meaty with a modest acidity that'll BEG you to never rest your cup.


Wanna impress your friends?


THIS is the potion you put on when you want to flex 💪


Scoop in some extra Rosehips for a C-BOOST and more mellow consistency.


And for enhanced creativity and vivid dreams, sprinkle in a little Great Day Peppermint just before the stream hits.


Great Day Shizuoka Bliss is actually pretty good sipped at 145° F - 100° F or lower -- even iced!


So after straining, give it some time to cool down (slightly covered) and...


🍵 You won't burn yourself


🍵 It'll be sweeter


🍵 You won't stop sniffing the florals


😉 And you might just have another cup!


Here's some more stuff Great Day Shizuoka Bliss is GREAT for...


💦 Hydrate Your Skin


👵🏽Reduce Wrinkles


🐑 More Restorative Sleeping


♥️ Prevent Heart Disease


🌬 Freshen Breath


💊 Vitamin C (and other vitamins)


🥰 Natural Mood Boost


🍳 Cooking


🧏🏽‍♀️ PMS Relief


⚡Antioxidant Powerhouse


🔥 Fights Inflammation


👇🏼 Lowers Bad Cholesterol


🦠 Prevents of Some Infections


🍯 Naturally Sweet


🧒🏽 Safe For Kids (If not allergic)


🩺 PERFECT Tall-Can Iced Green Tea Alternative!


Great Day Shizuoka Bliss is an affordable, easy, and SAFE Whole Body (mind and spirit included) Wellness Solution.


It works just as well outside of your body as it does inside!


Soothe Dry and Irritated Skin, Soak Away Inflammation, and even Help Prevent Hair Loss.


And hey, MEN! This is for you too bruh!


If you feel there's pride in killing your own dinner and chopping your own wood, then you'll also appreciate the convenience and control of whipping your own beard or mane butter.


You can even fight the funk with with easy DIY Green Tea foot soaks and deodorants.


Here Are 10 Smart Ways to Use Great Day Shizuoka Bliss in Your Daily Beauty and Wellness Routines...


1. Whipped balms, butters, and other types of whole-body moisturizers


2. Life-preserving suncreens


3. Anti-aging skin toners


4. Exfoliating hand, foot, and body srubs


5. Rejuvenating face masks


6. Cooling body sprays (Summer's a comin'!)


7. Stimulating scalp and hair masks


8. Healing lip balms


9. Rich shampoos and deep conditioners


10. Whole-body lathers, lotions, creams, melts and more! And some of these natural remedies take 3 minutes OR LESS to make.


You can literally just throw on your favorite song, and when the music stops, you're ready to go!


I absolutely LOVE my new Shizuoka Bliss...


But what I'd love even more is to know what you think!


And to see how much YOU have grown better because of it.


Love on yourself the ENTIRE Day with Great Day Tea 🍃


Get Shizuoka Bliss with with rose petals, rosehips, and the finest Japanese green tea in a masterful blend you'll only find at Great Day Tea.


It's available by the bag in 30-Day portions with bulk pricing available, and ALL Orders Ship for FREE.


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    Make  A Great Day!

  • Shizuoka Bliss Brewing Instructions

    Pour 6 - 8 ounces of the purest hot water ( 150-165 degrees F) over 1-2 teaspoons of loose leaves or biodegradable tea sachet. 

    Brew 1 - 4 minutes (or to your liking). 

    Set your leaves or sachet aside for another cuppa. 

    Or add more water (room temp or cold) and refrigerate in another container for a pleasant cold brew later.

    Make A Great Day!