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Only the best herb and traditional tea blends from Great Day Tea.

Here you'll find classic blends, a few of my personal favorites, and exclusive house recipes


blended Teas Now

Great Day blended teas can help you do things like...

Keep your skin hydrated and reduce wrinkles 

Get more restful sleep, and possibly even live longer 

Lower bad cholesterol and prevent heart disease 

Freshen breath and prohibit oral bacteria growth 

Get vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants your body needs to function daily 

Boost your mood naturally 

Use tea in cooking and cocktails 

Get PMS relief and other types of discomfort relief 

Fight destructive inflammation and prevent of some infections 

Some teas and herbs have a natural sweetness, and make great replacements for juices and sodas 

And it's safe for kids (if not allergic)!


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